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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Bonding by ORBITATO from Brazil

Students from the third class of Post Graduation Course in Creation and Developing of Fashion and Design Products receive orientation from Jum Nakao, who works as a professor at Orbitato in Santa Catarina, Brazil. 
The renowned creative director leads the students through the creative process of collection development from the group’s search for meanings of the action “wear”.

Jum Nakao, continuing the educational process accomplished in all of the subjects studied through the course, carries the process in a flawless and accurate way, reorganizing thoughts and giving back value to actions which are creative, but might become mechanic in an industrial environment – which is the reality lived by most of the group.
 The concept of bonding and relationship came up in the Product Creation discipline, proposed by Argentine teacher Alejandro Sarmiento, and served as a creative axis for the class. Intensive search for meanings and possibilities for this concept, in material and formal aspects as much as in aesthetical and moral aspects, resulted in individual and collective maturation, where human bonds emerge as the answer to the needs of the complex contemporary moment.
The proposition of Idea Crossing from Campus Heimtextil is the perfect invitation for the group to finish their process in time to exhibit the results in Frankfurt, in January 2012, contributing for the debate about the movement of ideas.

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