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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Redefinition of textile heritage by MOME Budapest

Name: Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest (MOME)
E-mail address: textil@mome.hu
University phone: 00 36 1 392 1168
MOME address: H-1121, BUDAPEST, Zugligeti út 9-25, Hungary

From September 2007, MOME has Bachelor and Master formation, according to the Bologna system, meaning 3+2 years.
MOME has 3 institute (Design-, Architecture- and Media), with about 100 students per year.
The Design institute system promotes multidisciplinary among the domains of Product Design, Fashion and Textile Design, as well as Design and Art Departments. It fosters the pursuit of an interdisciplinary artistic activity, as well as the deepening of an open, integrated way of thinking. Besides, it provides the opportunity to form an active dialogue with the design institutions and professional organizations in the country, in Europe, and all over the world.

The Textile Department accepts 20-25 students per year. So thus, we can give for every student a personal program, and it aids the serious work. The Textile Department’s speciality is the diversity of ative workshops.
MOME is a member of the Cumulus, Cepus and Erasmus program, which means that accept every year foreign students. They are classed on their own level, where they follow the courses all the semester. Generally the scholarship means a total semester (3 or 4 months), but it is possible to have an extra time.
During the academic year we have various courses like felting, bone-lace making, photo and computer design, textile chemical courses...and it is possible to take part in these courses too.

School-year begins from the first week of September. The first term finishes on the middle of December. All January is the time of examinations. The second term starts in the first week of
February and finishes at the end of May. June is the month for the diploma-works.

We focus on training designers, who, based on their in-depth knowledge and creativity are fully capable of implementing design projects in their special field and considering economic and technological requirements as well. As individual designers and employees, they contribute both to the development of textile culture and to the preservation and redefinition of its heritage. Due to their education and creative skills they are able to design individual objects as well as series, working independently or as part of a team.

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