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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Textile Studios at AFAD Bratislava

The Studio of textile design and The textile studio
Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia
The Studio of textile design is one of the youngest studios at The Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. At the time of its existence, there were some known textile designers  leading the studio, such as Jozef Bajus, Ildiko Dobešová, Soňa Sadílková and Silvia Fedorová. Textile design studio is managed by assistant professor M.A.  Mária Fulková since  2004.
Its conception reaches from small forms of applied design up to experimental forms bordering with free art. Student during 2nd to 6th   year will pass from practical teaching of basic textile techniques- such as serigraphy, loom and frame weaving, knotted and kelim carpet that are made in school workshops, through creation of smaller collections- interiors and clothing, up to cooperation with concrete customer or private company. Studio structure depends on efforts that every student passes through all the types of work, so that after the final dissertation he/she will be able to work as a versatile textile designer who is able to respond to specific tasks.
Student has an opportunity to cooperate on a concrete job for textile industry or to create his/her own design collections, interior furnishing or clothing collections. In addition to semestral work students take part in relevant Slovak as well as European competitions, they take part in workshops and in  exchange scholarships. 
The Textile studio is headed by assistant professor Blanka Cepková. Study concept in studio is aimed at fabric as multiform medium that offers possibilities ranging from unique fabric to a soft sculpture. Emphasis is put on communication of art object with space and coexistence of its concept with interior or exterior.
Tasks are opened to experiment with technique, material and communication with other art disciplines. Studio program reflects current art stage and helps student to create his/her own individual opinion.
Department of textile creation offers also subjects aimed at study of textile techniques, weaving, knitting, lace, printmaking and felting… Since 1995 it was besides the main studio also included the course of textile restoration that step by step turned into a study for Magister degree. Subjects of textile restoration widen knowledge of students through recognition of historic fabrics, their conservation, restoration and copies creation.
Study for bachelor degree is a quality base for study for magister degree in the studio of Textile or in the studio of Textile restoration. http://www.vsvu.sk/katedra_textilnej_tvorby/index/

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