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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Unique approach in Prague Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design

 The intention to hold an exhibition at the Frankfurt HEIMTEXTIL Fair 2012 highlights the particular specifics and uniqueness of the textile design studio. In cooperation with the CAMPUS @ HEIMTEXTIL project AAAD will present an overview of students´ work from The Textile Design Studio, showing examples of creative assignments in which students were given complete freedom, outcomes of cooperation with industrial companies and studies of modern technologies and materials, such as nanotechnology and nanofibers

The concept of the Textile Design Studio is based on a comprehensive education of textile designers and on developing their ability to combine more professions, including the insight into new areas which our students need for their work. Pragmatic exercises alternate with creative tasks, based on a completely free attitude. A detached point of view and the awareness of the context are basic preconditions for managing their own work. Through carrying out their projects, our students search for and find their place in society and in the world. An important part of the textile design training at AAAD is the ability of students to criticize and comment on their own or other people´s projects, to come up with their own creative ideas and cooperate as the team. The process of creation is maintained in such a way as to activate the students to start with their own selves, to learn something about their uniqueness and then through this optics perceive the present, look around and react to new impulses that they are later able to enhance in their work.
AAAD graduates should be able to produce works of high-quality fine art (drawings, graphics, tapestry, etc.), to deal with any possible extensive and challenging tasks and to be also able to present their work, defend it and become competitive on the market. The current goal of the textile studio is to open up to the students` cooperation with private companies that work with particular modern technologies. The aim of such cooperation is to overcome the school's theoretical boundaries towards the practice with all its aspects - technological particularities, trends, interconnection with the market, economic aspects, feasibility of the projects, etc.

These tendencies and specifics are also a challenge and commitment for The Textile Design Studio to seek new ways and possibilities of self-presentation. Active approach of students and heads of the studio is becoming a new perspective for the whole field and, subsequently, for its graduates who want to remain the part of the arts and crafts world.

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