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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Textile Arts and Experiments from Lodz




We express gratitude to our sponsor -  Stiftung für deutsch-polnische Zusammenarbeit / Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation - who supports the participation of Department of Textile Art- Academy of Fine Art and Design in Lodz, in CAMPUS@HEIMTEXTIL 2012.

The Strzeminski ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS in Lodz – POLAND
Department of Textile
Four students from the Strzeminski Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz (Poland) present a textile experiment at the CAMPUS@Heimtextil exhibiton 2012. The wicker chair structure (which was given by the Organisers of CAMPUS) is transformed into an art object or a kind of sculpture.
It is manufactured of hundreds of colourful, feather shuttlecocks (each element is unique and was hand-made by students) attached to the nylon net.

The Shuttlecock is the symbol of speed.  It is light and fragile but shockproof and should never fall down, going straight to the target, achieving the aim, reaching the right destination ...just like our students' ideas are !

So, our motto is: ALWAYS ON TARGET !
Students: Walentyna Balcerzak, Magda Lamch, Paulina Sadrak, Martyna Golik
Tutors: Prof. Lidia Choczaj, Dominika Krogulska – Czekalska M.A.
Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts and Design consists of four faculties, and offers two levels of study : Bachelor and Master of Art

Faculty of Textile Art and Fashion Design
Faculty of Graphic Art and Painting

Faculty of Industrial Design and Interior Architecture

Faculty of Visual Education

Department of Textile Art

The Department of Textile Art Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz is the only unit in Poland
that provides education to students so that they can become highly trained designers, easily dealing
within the field of textile design, widely understood. Specific character of teaching in this faculty rests
on systematic development of both students’ artistic sensitivity and their painting skills. It can be
obtained by combining their experiences from the composition studio and painting design with the
expert knowledge that they gain in four different studios. This kind of method ensures obtaining the
highest qualifications for the future textile designers and, at the same time, allows for far reaching
artistic experiments, which can be regarded as modern art.

Currently, the four studios that are a part of the Department of Textile Art are run by teachers who
have vast both practical and theoretical knowledge of industrial textiles design as well as artistic
achievements which ensure them the place amongst the world’s best “textile artists”.
• The Studio of Decorative Textiles – professor Elżbieta Kędzia, Aneta Anderwald M.A.
• The Studio of Textile Art – professor Lidia Choczaj  Dominika Czekalska M.A.
• The Studio of Innovative Objects for Interior Carpet and Tapestry – professor Jolanta Rudzka-Habisiak, Izabela Walczak M.A.
• The Studio of Paper – professor Ewa Latkowska – Żychska,  Magdalena Soboń Ph.D
Our students’ projects come into being by means of different methods – they can be either hand made, for instance with the use of traditional painting techniques or they can be made with the use of specialist computer applications and software. This enables their implementation both in the school’s weaving plants and on the premises of companies we cooperate with, using the newest technologies. Moreover, textile companies are our allies as far as finding new ways of designers’ training is concerned. They allow students to complete both their coursework and, later on, a diploma; they organize trainings, sponsor certain contests and initiate artistic and integrating activities for young designers. One of such activities is ‘rooms for free’ program, within the framework of which we cooperate with16 schools from Europe, which specialize in textile design.

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