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Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

Merging antagonistic forms New Bulgarian University

New Bulgarian University

For the first time we decided to take advantage of the fact that in our department we have both fashion and interior design programs.  So students from both programs started discussing what to do. The clashes were terrific – I had never expected that two - different but not so antagonistic - professions would find nothing in common about the way how to use a beach chair. However, slowly they started finding some sort of mutual understanding. On one hand, the fashion people insisted on using all kinds of natural materials and techniques, on the other hand the interior people wanted rectangular forms, lines, some lighting bands… So, by and by, the two ideas started coming together. The result will be somewhat funny. On one side the beach chair will be bare and rectangular, on the other side it will be cozy, soft and warm. What’s more – it won’t be quite finished, so everybody passing by can knit on and make it longer. For this purpose it will finish by knitting needles and some yarn, so people can experience the joy of knitting.
It was difficult to find the appropriate name for this strange concoction, starting with “A winter cap for a summer beach chair”, etc., etc. However, after a hot brain storm operation we came up with the best possible name – MERGING.

Dora Momekova
Fashion design lecturer

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